Cycles and Things is the most experienced repair shop in the entire Western Maryland area. We provide very detailed overhaul and repair for high-end bicycles, and are more than happy to help someone with a mechanical issue while they are passing through on the Allegheny Passage.

Custom Wheelbuilding and Repair

One of our specialties is wheelbuilding, and we take great pride in our endeavor to carefully build the highest quality of wheel the components allow. We take our time threading spokes, lubricating nipples, and multiple tensionings to make sure we properly relieve the stress and create the most sound and trouble-free wheel possible. Also, if you need a wheel rebuilt, we go through the same tedious effort, plus we very carefully analyze the hub and rim to make sure you won't just be set up with more problems down the road. For the heart of your bike, why go anywhere else but Cycles and Things!


Cycles and Things works with all the major component brands on the market today, including Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, Park, Topeak, and many, many more. For a bike needing repair, we aim to keep the same level of componentry to keep your cycling experience as good or better than before the repair. Should your bike need major work, we are happy to make recommendations and cost comparisons to meet your cycling needs and expectations.


The best bike in the world is only as good as it's assembly and/or repairs allow it to be. With incomparable experience and care, we disassemble, clean, analyze, repair or replace if necessary, reassemble and finally tune your ride to be the best it can be. It's a profound experience riding a bike that is cared for perfectly. Have some miles on your best bike? Contact us today to get some top-quality care to give you the best cycling experience all season long!

Having a problem with your bike?
Please stop by so we can take a look and
get you back in the saddle!

all bicycling accessories including pumps, tubes, tires, CO2, lubricants, brake accessories, etc.

Cycles & Things Tip
Things to check before your ride

Make sure your chain is properly lubricated, a dry chain can ruin a ride!

Check your tires for cuts and imbedded objects.

Check tire pressure.

Also, develop the habit of checking your frame for signs of cracking. If you see a line in the paint that looks suspicious, feel free to stop by and have us take a look.

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